Stanislav Jaš

Stanislav Jaš is a fourth-generation beekeeper born in Czechoslovakia. He holds a Master of Science degree in agronomy from the university of Brno (CZ) and Angers (France). He acquired practical beekeeping experience in several countries in the European Union. He runs an organically certified professional beekeeping operation in Finland. He is involved in numerous activites promoting sustainable beekeeping at the local, national, and international level through non-profit organisations and forward-looking businesses. He supports the view that  education, cooperation with farmers, and active dialogue with consumers are all factors of great importance to the viability of the beekeeping sector.


Copa Cogeca Working Party on Honey; Finnish Dark Bee Keepers' Association; Åland Beekeepers Association; Hunajayhtymä Ltd. Finland


Vice-Chair of the Copa-Cogeca Working Party on Honey; member of the Finnish Beekeepers' Associations
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